Shipping zones

zone EUR1: Belgium, Luxembourg, Danmark (excluding Faeröer Islands and Greenland), Germany, France (including Corse and Monaco), Italy (excluding San Marino and Vatican City), Austria, Spane (including Balearen, excluding Canarien islands), United Kingdom (excl. Gibraltar and Canal islands), Sweden

zone EUR2: Bulgary, Estland, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Letland, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal (incl. Azores and Madeira), Roemenia, Slovenia, Slowakia, Czech Republic

zone EUR3: Albania, Andora, Bosnië-Herzegovina, Canarish islands, Cyprus, Faeröer islands, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Canal Islands, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malta, Moldavia, Montenegro, Norway, Oekraïne, San Marino, Servia, Turkey, Vatican City, Belarus, Switserland

World: all other countries and Russia

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